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In the Waters of Baptism

(April 2, 2013)

HOOOOOOOLA~mis amores!! Como estan?! Nos quiero muchisimo familia bonita! MY FAVORITE PEOPLE EVER!! HI!!!!!

What an incredible week! This week has been a crazy roller coaster, but well worth the ride. I have absolutely loved every second of it. I have been learning so much about life, missionary work and the church. I just hope I can soak it all in!! We just got out of a session at the newly dedicated Brigham City Temple---and WOW. What a beautiful temple, one of the most beautiful I have ever seen. The peace and Spirit found within the walls of the temple is incredible. It reminded me as a missionary that my main goal is to invite people to come unto Christ so as families they can live together again forever. What an amazing calling. Can I tell you about one family that is one step closer to that eternal family!?! 

THE RESENDIZ! DANIEL AND NATE RESENDIZ WERE BAPTIZED THIS WEEK!! This was my first opportunity to teach (it was the Spirit that did all the teaching) and see two people COMPLETELY change their lives to follow Jesus Christ our Savior, by getting baptized. Their journey to Eternal Life with their family has started, and I am SO excited for them and their choice!!!  Through the waters of baptism and through the power of the atonement, we are able to cleansed and to become "new creatures" in Christ. We can change. We can be better than we ever thought with Jesus Christ. I was so blessed to see that change in a very literal way at the Baptism this past week. We have been teaching Daniel and Nate since I got here, and I am so glad that they finally made the decision to follow the example of their Savior Jesus Christ. I want to try to convey the joy and the change that I witnessed on this past Tuesday....but I don't think words are enough. As a missionary, we are blessed to be the instrument in the Lord's hand. As we taught these two wonderful children of God I saw a distinct change in them. When we taught them, things just made sense to them (which is amazing to me because I feel like my Spanish is still broken!). But I saw the Spirit testify of the truthfulness of the things that we were teaching. On the day of the Baptism---oh my goodness. I have NEVER in my life experienced so much stress...but the best kind. It is this kinda of they going to show up? And they did! They were soooo excited and they were glowing when they changed into their white clothes to be baptized. Nate came up and gave me a huge hug and said "I FINALLY GET TO BE BAPTIZED! I LOVE YOU!" It made me smile. My companion and I got to plan and prepare the baptism! We had about 40 people turn out from the ward and community to see the baptism---it was a MIRACLE! My companion spoke on baptism and I got to sing in Spanish and English "I know my Redeemer lives" to Daniel and Nate. The COOLEST part was that this baptism was being translate into 3 languages: Spanish, English and NAVAJO! The wife is Navajo and her whole family of non-members (all of which grabbed a Book of Mormon after the Baptism--YES!) who are all Navajo. It was so great to meet them--got to learn some Navajo, but still know nothing. The opening prayer was given in the Navajo language--woah!! So incredible! But my most favorite part was, of course, the ordinance itself. Seeing Daniel and Nate walk into the baptismal font and seeing them go down and back up out of the water drove me to tears of joy. I cried because I was so happy for them and the journey that they have had in getting baptized. I have never felt the spirit so strong as I did in those moments...the chills...knowing that they have taken the first step to get back to our Heavenly Father. They changed. Through the Gospel we can change and be better than we ever thought. It strengthened my testimony so much because I was reminded of just how simple the Gospel of Jesus Christ actually is. We are to follow the footsteps of our Savior Jesus Christ as best as we can, EVERYDAY. I love that, and Daniel and Nate did that by being baptized. During the time they were getting changed we got to teach the restoration, I hope the non-members there felt something--even if it was just a little bit. Then when I saw Daniel and Nate again, they were GLOWING. Literally, I have never seen any person more happy and confident and with a light in their eyes than they had. Daniel bore his testimony. It blew me away. He kept saying thank you to us, but the thanks is not for us, it should be for the Lord. They were confirmed Easter Sunday and said that they have never felt a greater peace. I am so happy for them. They now have a goal set to be sealed as a family in one year!! I am so excited!
Daniel and Nate Resendiz's Baptism
MIRACLE: Cintia Delacruz. She is incredible. I can't describe her to you. She is an investigator that is really interested in the church. We invited her to come to the baptism, and knew that chances were slim that she would show up. But during my companion's wonderful talk...she walked in the door!!!! Oh my goodness! I screamed (on the inside) of shock, joy and love! They say 80 percent of investigators that go to a convert baptism, end up getting baptized themselves! We were SO excited! And she brought her beautiful little 6 year old girl with her! Members from our branch did an amazing job of coming up and fellowshipping her. I am so excited to see what happens with her! We met with her and her family to teach them about Easter and the Atonement of Christ. Cintia has changed so much since we met her. We have challenged her to baptism, and she is unsure about it, but says she needs to learn more. So that is exciting! 

With investigator, Cintia Delacruz, and her 6 year old daughter
MIRACLE: We found a man that we have been trying to contact for weeks! His name is Cruz and he is the spunkiest person I have ever met! He is our newest investigator and we are teaching him about the Book of Mormon tomorrow. He said that he is excited to learn about the things of God. I can't wait to get to know him better. 

MIRACLE: We have been trying to get one of our investigators to come to church for weeks. We were speaking in church this week on Easter Sunday (my first talk in Spanish....kinda rough, but hopefully the Spirit taught them) and we asked her to come! And low and behold, she walked in the door! Her name is Anasayi Vasquez, and we are looking forward to teaching her and getting to know her better. Also one of the members of the branch, Ana Ramirez, that we have been trying to reactivate and come to church for the past 4 weeks came to sacrament meeting! She brought all of her girls too! What an incredible miracle. The Lord truly is blessing all of these people and helping us be led and guided to find them. 

We have been participating in a lot of service activities to try to break down barriers in order to teach the Gospel. This has included cleaning the temple grounds, helping stock stores, helping others learn English and cleaning homes. I have loved it. It is amazing how serving and loving people first opens the door and window of opportunity to teach. We have seen many people, mainly the Vasquez and Martinez family, completely change their attitude about the Gospel because of service.

Cleaning the Temple Grounds
Other than that, I have loved that the weather has been getting warmer. We are really busing finding, teaching, working and serving. I love it so much. I consider it an honor to serve here. It truly is. I challenge you this week to enable the Atonement, by praying everyday for the strength to overcome a trial, sickness, or problem that you are having in your life. I promise you that it makes a HUGE difference! Our Savior doesn't judge anyone. He loves us all the same. Doesn't matter if you are a missionary or not. Doesn't matter if you are black or white or green or whatever! Doesn't matter if you feel like you will never make it back---HE believes in YOU. And HE wants you back. Rely upon Him, when you feel like you can turn no where else. He is always there. That is the one thing that I have learned better than anything else on mission. He is there for all of us. and He wants all of us back. The only thing is, is that WE have to be doing OUR best...not someone elses' best. But OURS. And He will ALWAYS be there to do the rest. And He always has the best plan and the best in store for us. I love my Savior and I know He loves you. Remember that. HE LOVES YOU. and I love you too. But He loves you WAY more :) 

I hope you all are safe, happy, healthy and loving life! I hope you know that I love you and pray for you so much.

Thanks for all you do to show your love and support for me!! I can't tell you how much it means to me! Have a great week! 


Your biggest fan,
Hermana Weenig

p.s. SMILE for me this week :)
Easter Fun!!!

With Ana Ramirez inside her store.

Brigham City's Amazing Spanish Speaking Sisters Threesome

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