Monday, February 24, 2014

Finding the Elect

I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!!! I have officially been out serving a mission in the actual mission field for a year! I can't believe it. One year ago today, I was doing this very thing! It is amazing! Time is flying so fast and I don't know what to do about it. I just want to soak in every moment. And SO MANY MIRACLES ARE HAPPENING! I am learning so much from my wonderful companion, the ward, and especially the people that we teach. More than ever, I am starting to see WHAT our purpose is in this life. It isn't what I had originally thought. Because, I thought before my mission that life was about accomplishments, being successful and being the best. But now I see that it is much more than is about WHO WE ARE BECOMING. Who we are changing and shaping into. This week has been a week of refinement for us, but as well as for all the people that we are teaching.
TIGGY IS ELECT and PREPARED. SHE IS INCREDIBLE. Remember last week that story about the woman who was about to commit suicide and we knocked on her door and then she came outside running towards us? Well, she is on fire. She is getting baptized March 18. She is reading the Book of Mormon like candy. She says she has been searching for peace and happiness for SO long and she is finally finding it. She has had a REALLY, REALLY rough life. Yet, she is honestly SEARCHING for truth. When we teach her, there is something so unreal about the lessons. I know that Tiggy is one of the noble and great ones, and because she asked God to send her peace and the truth, we were led to her door. We went to church with her yesterday and during the meetings, Tiggy was just crying. She said she had never felt and had so much peace in all of her life. Everyone at church was so open and loved her a TON, she said, "I have never met so many nice people in my life." She is changing. The biggest battle she has had to fight is to FORGIVE. Lots of terrible things have happened to her, but she is changing....even though it hurts. She is teaching me the power of forgiveness and the FREEDOM that come along with it---we are all imperfect, so why hold grudges?

I love the hermanas in this mission so much. They teach me more than I teach them. I am learning so much from their examples and from watching how they do missionary work. This work literally is guided by God and there is just no other explanation for it---He guides us and directs us to exactly where we need to be when we need to be there. It is the same with life---sometimes we have no idea why we are going through the things that we are going through, but sometimes God just wants us to stop and let Him guide you so that you can learn exactly what you need to.  MIRACLES ARE HAPPENING EVERYWHERE!  This was from Hermana Woodbury, she is a wonderful Hermana that I had the opportunity to go on an exchange this past week, and this was sent out to the mission:

"A few weeks back you mentioned that when we are led to a specific place but our plans fall through, we should continue to work in the area until we find who we were meant to contact. That exact thing happened with Hna. Weenig and I when we were on exchanges! The whole day was inspired. At one point, a backup didn't answer the door, so we prayed and felt like we should knock the three neighboring doors. Nobody answered. But as we were driving away to try another option, a woman came running out of the building chasing after us! She said felt compelled to find out who we were and what we were doing. She had been praying about things that had been happening to her recently, and she wanted God to tell her what the purpose of her life was. She saw it as a sign that we knocked on her door that day. We had an incredible lesson with her-- the Spirit was strong and directing, and I could feel how much Heavenly Father loved her. It was a wonderful experience."
Juan Gonzalez, recent convert of about 2 months is ENTERING THE TEMPLE IN MARCH!!! WE ARE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED! SERIOUSLY!! We can't even wait!! AH LE LU IA!! The temple is the Goal. Really. Our purpose in life is to stay worthy and live the commandments of God so we can prepare to meet Him, so that when we do, "we will be like Him." That has been a point of serious reflection for me as I have thought a lot about WHO I am becoming. WHO are you becoming? NOT---what are you accomplishing? God cares much more about WHO you become, rather than what you achieve. We get so caught up in the competition and the race of life---the hustle and bustle distracts. Juan is becoming closer and closer to God. He is a garbage man, yet the most incredible and humble man. He is GETTING TO KNOW Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ....that is what I want. I invite ALL of you to take time EVERYDAY to actually get to know God. To have an "inventory" with God. Ask what He thinks of you, and change what you need you won't be anxious or feel inadequate. :)
Speaking of the temple, we had the opportunity to go last Monday. We went with one of the senior couples serving in our mission, Sister Carlile and Elder Carlile. Sister Carlile always calls me "angel voice." (weird, right? hahaha) But She told me the reason is, is that one time, when she was young, they were singing to a group of people that were suffering from Alzheimer's. She said they didn't have enough singers and so they prayed that they would have the force necessary to sing to these people and inspire them. Well, no one could sing soprano, but Sister Carlile said that from behind her came this soprano voice. She looked behind her, no one was there. She said that she KNOWS that it was my voice, because it sounds just like it. WOAH. Kinda cool.
Byran Huarita!!! He is getting baptized in March for sure!! We were sitting in our apartment, just finishing up our studies for the day when Bryan called. He has been wishy-washy about baptism for almost ten years. We have been trying so hard to resolve his doubts and help him feel like he is prepared. But he called us and said, "Hermanas, I AM READY TO BE BAPTIZED. I realized that the joy and peace that I had been searching for...I had it when I went to church, but I just didn't realize it!" WE ARE SO HAPPY!
We, as a district, are planning this MASSIVE event. I love projects and I love events and I love bringing people to "Mundial Mormon" is like the combination of all of those things put together and it is really fun to see!! The entire mission is involved in it and it is catching FIRE. SOOOOO many non-members, in-actives and less actives are coming out of the wood works to participate in this event. We have been running around like crazy and working overtime to get the event to take off. It is going to be so cool, and at the end of the night we are going to do a Fireside about the Savior Jesus Christ---but Hispanic style. That includes a mariachi band. We are so excited! March 8! We have learned a TON about working as a team. But through mediums like Facebook, signs and other things we have used to promote it, we have found like 10 new people to teach that are seriously interested in the church!! IT IS A HUUUUUGGGGEE MIRACLE! Preach my Gospel works like a charm, because we are just using its ideas :)
Thank you so much for all you do for me---all your prayers, support, letters, emails and love. I love you all so much--you are always in my heart and prayers. I hope you take the challenge to really figure out WHO you are and WHAT God wants you to do that that you can be CONFIDENT and STRONG. Life is about becoming...not just doing.

Hermana Weenig
Mormon Mundial! (The Mormon World Cup). I got to go on an exchange to my old area this past week....Hermano Tapia is one of my favorites!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it MIRACLE

I love being a missionary! This week has been a whirlwind of INCREDIBLE miracles and SNOW. Lots of it. But, I can't even begin to tell you how happy I am and the joy that I feel right now through doing the Lord's work. Lost. That is the best word to describe it. Totally lost in His cause, and I love it. I have never seen it snow so much in my life though! Who knew Virginia was a big snow place? I left my snowboard at home! We got about 13 inches and everything was closed for like five days. We couldn't drive, so we got to do a TON of service this week. Which, was a blast. My companion and I decided that we would shovel snow for our neighbors and help dig out their cars so that they could drive the next day. It was probably one of my most favorite days on the mission. We were in our dress boots and sweats....and all we had was a dust pan and a garbage basket to dig out the snow. So we started! It was quite the site! We did that for an hour, and then someone brought us shovels. It was a Blizzard! But we were SO happy! Car, after car, after car we dug out. And we met people and taught people as we did it! We helped people from: El Salvador, Mexico, Peru, Ghana, Sudan, Dubai, and all around the states. Our neighbors are amazing! It was so fun to serve them. We shoveled snow for 6 hours straight and people thought we were crazy! They brought us Gatorade and food from their countries. It was so cool! Who knew that shoveling snow could be so much fun?! I love sharing the gospel in doing the simple things. The man from Sudan said, "You must be women from God. No one else would do this and be unpaid." We love to serve. We dug out about 20 cars! It was a blast.

Miracle. BIG TIME. So I was on an exchange with another sister. She came to our area (she is awesome, she is from Thailand!) And all of our appointments fell through for the hour. So we stopped right there in the apartment complex and we prayed. We knew that God had brought us to that place for a reason. So we asked Him why He had brought us there and what he wanted us to do there. We both felt really strongly to knock all of the doors around the door of Ana (our investigator who wasn't home). So we did. None of them opened. We thought it was kind of weird, so we slowly walked outside. In my mind I thought, "why would the Lord tell us to knock these doors if no one was going to open?" We got in the car to go visit our next appointment. And that is when it happened. A woman from Africa came running outside of the apartment building signaling us to stop. We were literally just about to drive away when we saw her. We stopped. Rolled down the window, and she asked, "Who are you?" We told her that we represent Jesus Christ. She was intrigued. She said "You just knocked on my door." We smiled, and we said yes. We asked her why she felt the need to run out and talk to us. She said, "I don't know. I saw you through the peephole and at first I was nervous to answer the door because you were glowing. And then something inside of me just urged me to talk to you, I didn't want to miss out on what you were doing!" I think my mouth was wide open at that point. We parked the car and got out to talk to her. She asked us what we were teaching. We said, "We know God still speaks to men through a Prophet of God, and we know that Jesus Christ's church is here on the earth again." She said, "What? Who is the prophet? what is his name?" We kept talking and she kept firing us with questions. She told us that she has been searching for the truth for a long time, and hasn't been able to find it. We told her that God had sent us to knock on her door and help her find the truth and find out who she really is. She then began to tell us that she had been seriously thinking about committing suicide that week and that her life is in shambles and that she isn't worth anything anymore. WOAH. God literally sent us to her door--chills went up my spine. She is absolutely incredible. She told us that she had been praying and praying for God to send her some sign that God still loved her, and in that moment there was a knock at her was us. As we explained her purpose in life and the Love that Heavenly Father has for her she began to cry and cry. She said, "Teach me what I need to do to change my life around, and I will do it." My socks were knocked off. Probably the COOLEST experience I have had on my mission so far. We taught her about baptism about prayer and about the atonement. She soaked it in. She is getting baptized!! We have seen her so much, and she is progressing so fast. We gave her the Book of Mormon and she is reading the WHOLE THING! She is incredible! This really is the hastening of the work. AMAZING things are happening.

MIRACLE: Byron Leonardo, our investigator that was on date for about two weeks ago who moved to Ecuador, came back! And he said that he met up with the missionaries down there and that he wants to be baptized! He showed up in church---and we almost fell FLAT ON OUR FACES!!!!! He came to gospel principles and told everyone that he is finally ready to change and come unto Christ! He will be baptized on his birthday, March 1. We are so happy for him! WAHOOOOOOOO!!!!! Also, he and his mariachi band will be playing at the event us missionaries are planning "Mundial Mormon!"

MIRACLE: Bryan Huarita is on for baptism on March 1 as well!!! AAAAAMAZING!!! He has gone from never wanting to get baptized, to totally dedicated to being baptized! It is so amazing to see and we are so excited for all the changes that area happening in his life.

MIRACLE: Kelly, a young girl that we are teaching is changing her lifestyle so she can get baptized. She told us she has no idea why she is here on earth and what her purpose is. We set goals. We talked about how Christ helps us achieve those goals. She decided to stop giving into peer pressure and start relying on God. She is getting baptized this next month!!! WAHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

I love being a missionary. I love doing exchanges. I love all the sisters that I get to work with on a weekly basis. I love my companion and I love this ward and area. I love these people. That is all.

I have been learning like crazy this week that it is so important for us to give up our will to do the Lord's. His plan is so much better than our own. But sometimes we think that we are in control and that we don't need to let Him in on our plans, but that is not how it works. In fact, it is quite the opposite. If we allow Him to take control and listen to Him as we counsel with Him through prayer...WE FLY to MUCH greater heights. Over and over again I have seen how much higher God's ideas, thoughts and plans are. Even when we think He isn't in the details.....He is. Over and Over again. Its incredible. I hope you take the chance to get to KNOW God...He is your Heavenly Father. I hope you take the chance to talk with Him...for real---the good, the awesome, the ugly, the worst. RELY on Him. That is what these people are doing. We have seen people go from drug addicts, abuse, gangs, you name becoming who they were meant to become through Christ. It is possible for all of us. We just need to do it. :)


Thanks for all your support, love, letters and everything. I love you!!
Hermana Weenig
The US capitol! my favorite building in DC

The library of Congress....STUNNING.

That is a million dollars.

Preparation for the Mundial Mormon

Shoveling snow...with a dust pan and garbage bin. We finally got real shovels after an hour of doing this! hahaha   We were SOAKED. We dug people's cars out of parking lots for SIX HOURS! WHEW!

During dinner, we built a snow bear! YES!!! :)

Snow storm.

Went to the temple yesterday! It was gorgeous! We had the opportunity to go up to the 7th floor of the temple for a special meeting! It was incredible!! :)

Hermana Dopp and I

The Senior couple Carliles! They are an incredible couple!
A fun Valentine surprise.  Thanks, Candice!

Monday, February 10, 2014


I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. I had this terrifying realization the other day that I have been out a year....where in the world did the time go?!? I know this probably sounds terrible, but I never want to leave this place. I literally love it so much. The people, the language, the miracles, the area, the ward, my companion...just EVERYTHING. I can't wait for the day when all of you get to serve missions and get to experience first hand doing the Lord's work all day everyday. I love it. Every second. THE HASTENING IS SO REAL. We have been praying and searching for FAMILIES. And I know now, that God in fact does answer prayers. The Holy Ghost has led and guided us to be exactly where we need to be to find the families that are prepared. MIRACLES.

One of the biggest miracles of the week was the Juan Gonzalez got the priesthood and a calling this week! AMAZING! He was just baptized a month ago, and now he is totally converted and fully active in the church. I can't tell you how happy it makes us to see him in his white shirt and tie, and see him asking us and the ward members questions about what he can do to learn more. He was just called as a Ward Missionary....PERFECT! He is now going to bless the lives of so many people! We took him to the temple this week and he said he wants his entire family to be baptized in Guatemala! So we are sending the missionaries down there to talk to them! AMAZING! I can't wait for Juan to go through the temple in a year! :) :) :) !!!!! MIRACLES.

Ana Orellana is on FIRE. Ana has met with a lot of missionaries before, but she is FINALLY making some incredible headway! We took her to the temple visitors center (Washington DC temple is GORGEOUS, one of my favs), and we had an incredible tour about the family and Jesus Christ and how He is the ONLY One that can bring us full and complete joy! She was so moved, and was asking so many questions. We invited her to be baptized on March 1, and she said YES!!!! WAHOOOO! She has been coming to church for 2 years, and will finally be baptized. The Spirit confirmed to her that it doesn't matter where she had been, what she had done, but the ONLY thing that matters is WHO she is BECOMING. The Lord loves us and wants us to be light and happy, so when we focus on BECOMING, rather than beating ourselves down for things that we have done, we are happier. Ana is starting to see that light, so now she will be baptized. Her daughter, Kimberly also wants to learn about the gospel and prepared to get baptized! Miracles are happening right and left! I know that God prepared that family to hear the Gospel, and now is their time to accept it!

FAMILIES. This ward is ON FIRE and have been referring their friends like CRAZY...and most of them are totally interested! It is a MIRACLE! The best missionaries are literally the ward members by far! It is so much fun to see! They are working like crazy to share the gospel with all their family members and friends. They have truly caught the vision of member missionary work, it is AMAZING! We have found and are teaching 4 different FAMILIES thanks to member referrals and working closely with the members. The Lord has prepared so many families to hear the Gospel, and that is what is what the Gospel is all about---FAMILIES. So it is truly incredible to see. They are all in the beginning stages of learning...we are seeing 2 of them tonight...but they are GOLDEN. They want to know more, and have a desire to come closer to God through preparing for baptism. I can't explain the joy I feel right now! Seeing Elizabeth's family, Jose and Loius' family, Alarcon family and others coming to Christ, but learning about it together! THIS PLACE IS ON FIRE! The other day we went to visit a less-active returning member, and she had invited her friend. We taught the first lesson...the Spirit was stronger than I have ever felt before! They are from Honduras, and the friend is all alone here in the states. She said, "I know that God brought me here for a reason, and I think that this is the reason." WHAT! AMAZING! She is getting baptized at the end of this month---she will be "reading the book of Mormon like crazy" to make sure she is prepared. MIRACLES.

Bryan is a changed person. He is making HUGE sacrifices so that he can be prepared to get baptized on the first of March! YES! GO BRYAN! That includes the fact that he has been apologizing to people he hurt, changing friends and his edgy lifestyle to come closer to Christ. He told us yesterday that he has never been more happy and that he wished that he had changed a long time ago. Bryan is a huge example to me. He doesn't care what everyone else thinks of him, he just wants to be CONFIDENT and WORTHY in the presence of the Lord. That is my goal, and Bryan inspires me. He is studying, praying, coming to church and CHANGING so that he can be closer to the Lord.

We had transfers this week.....Hermana Dopp and I are staying together! YES! I love this girl, she is the best! We will continue serving as sister training leaders! This is Hermana Dopp's LAST TRANSFER. I get the pleasure of literally "running till she cries mercy" before she goes home. We have set some HUGE goals for finding and baptizing people this transfer and we are ready to WORK HARDER THAN EVER BEFORE. I love all the hermanas so much, they are incredible missionaries! We are going to be really busy this transfer doing more exchanges more often. I am learning so much from these wonderful hermanas, their areas and everything they do to be great missionaries. Exchanges are exhausting, but they are the greatest thing ever. The Lord loves and watches over all of His missionaries, and it has been incredible to see the hand of the Lord in their lives.

Our district is planning an EPIC event! We were sitting in district meeting this past week, and we were inspired to plan a HUGE mission-wide event. It is going to be called "Mundial Mormon". Which in English is "The Mormon World Cup." It is sheer genius and the ward and the stakes in our mission are supporting it like crazy! It is going to be quite a huge event in March! The goal is to get a ton of less actives, investigators and members all interacting in a fun, family-centered environment. So it is a soccer tournament with a talent show at the end! YES! And during it all, us missionaries will be giving tours of the chapel! MIRACLE! We are so excited for all the plans and cool things that are and less-actives are coming out of the woodwork! :)

Thank you so much for all your love, support, and EVERYTHING! You all are the BEST! I love you so much and you are always in my thoughts and my prayers. I can't believe it has been a year....THERE IS SO MUCH WORK TO BE DONE HERE! One thing that I am really learning right now is to do the will of the Lord, and follow the Spirit with exactness. As my companion and I have truly focused in on this, we have been happy, confident and at ease. There is no need to stress out about life. God knows EXACTLY what you need to do, what you need to say, how you need to live....Just ask. And then LISTEN. And be WILLING to act upon the answers that you receive. That is a process I am trying to master right now. Because time and time again we, as missionaries, don't know where to go, what to say or which door to knock...but the Lord ALWAYS knows and He leads us to exactly where we need to be and we open our mouths and He fills us with exactly they need to hear. I know He will do the same with ANY decision that we need to make--and that YOU need to make--but we need to trust Him and follow the Still Small Voice that leads us quietly and carefully to where we need to be.


Happy Valentines Day! 

Hermana Weenig
Juan, Ana, Hermana Dopp and I at the Temple Visitor center. What a beautiful experience.

The BEAUTIFUL Washington DC temple. :)

WE beat the Elder's challenge!! Wahoo!!! 30 member present lessons in one week, 42 lessons total! What a miracle! And the prize=delicious chips and salsa! :) Yummmm....

Monday, February 3, 2014

Hasten Happening

I LOVE love LOVE love LOVE being a missionary. So much. I never want it to end. We are SO busy and SO many miracles are happening all around everyday...we are running on a treadmill going 4830984293 miles per hour. The Lord is incredible, and is truly hastening the work---right in front of our eyes. Don't believe me? Well, our mission had 123 baptism this month, 20 this past weekend, our ward had 5 baptisms this weekend, and we taught more than 40 lessons this week. It is nothing we are doing, The Lord is CARRYING US and LEADING us to where we need to go, what we need to do and what we need to say. THE HASTENING IS REAL, we are just sprinting to keep up!!!!! People are being prepared, and it is amazing to see how many people have some type of connection to our faith---whether it is family members, friends, things they have seen on TV or whatever. Almost everyone we talk to have heard of the Mormons in one form or another. But I can honestly say---WOW. God really is putting prepared people in our path....left and right. It is INCREDIBLE. I LOVE THIS GREAT WORK. The people, the language, the place, the ward, the area, my companion---the EVERYTHING. Seriously, it is incredible. Things are happening, and it is nothing short of a miracle EVERYDAY. Seriously, this is the DREAM LIFE.
NANCY SALZAR PINEDA GOT BAPTIZED THIS WEEK!!! WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! We are so excited for her! She has come such a long way, and has truly become a "new creature in Christ." She went from being involved in abuse, gangs, drugs and the like to coming out to preach the Gospel with us. This gospel is spelled--C-H-A-N-G-E. I wrote in my journal that the day Nancy got baptized was by far the BEST day of my mission so far. We went out tracting that day and found a lot of new people to teach, and then we went to Nancy's baptism. She was so happy. She has been so nervous to get baptized, but she is so strong. Seeing Nancy in white, and seeing her be baptized brought tears of happiness to my eyes. She is CLEAN. She is NEW. She is BECOMING. I love Nancy so much, and I know that I knew her before I came to this earth. We will be best of friends for a LONG time. She is one of the strongest youth I have ever met, and she will go on to change hundreds of lives forever. Even though her family wasn't at her baptism, the ward was. Nancy requested that I sing at her baptism, and that was really cool. THE WHOLE WARD TURNED OUT! The baptism was packed. Nancy said, "Even though my blood family isn't there for me, I know I have a whole family there to help me to do the impossible." Her testimony after the baptism was the most powerful thing I have ever heard. It rocked my world and the world of everyone that was there. The Spirit was so strong it drove me to tears. Nancy will probably be a advocate for inspiration speaker of sorts. That girl knows WHY she is here and where she is going. She said, "God wants me to succeed, and wants me to be happy, that is why he sent me the Gospel." When Nancy was confirmed a member of the church she was promised she would go on a mission, bless hundreds of lives, and be the instrument of bringing many unto the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Isn't that amazing? She hasn't wasted any time!!!! In fact, Nancy is with us teaching EVERYDAY! Out knocking doors, teaching lessons and following up with all our investigators! She is already a preach my Gospel missionary and it is so fun to see! I am so happy for her!! :) :) She spoke at the New member fireside yesterday and LOVES coming out with us to teach. She is a spiritual GIANT.
The other night, all of our plans and back-up plans fell through, so we prayed. We gave the Lord some options we came up with. After we said "amen" Nancy said, "Who is Byron? We need to go see him RIGHT now, he is in trouble." So we went with haste. When we got there, there was something very off. Byron is a 14 year old we have been teaching. His mom is a member, but Byron has always been bitter against the church. When we got there, we started asking questions, their faces where stained with tears. We found out there had been some abuse going on from the dad and Nancy was able to help because she has gone through the same thing. There were tears, but the spirit was so strong it was piercing. WHAT A MIRACLE. The Lord sent us there to help this family in a moment of desperation. Byron opened up, and we compared him to the "protector" Moroni and how he is going to do incredible things in his life, despite how belittled and horrible he felt in that moment. We are helping him becoming like "unto Moroni." He is an amazing person.
AMAZING MIRACLE: Bryan, an investigator we have been teaching since the beginning of December, is a seminary graduate, eagle scout and isn't a member of the church. Crazy, right? He is the most prepared and the most ready for baptism that I have ever seen. But for the longest time he said he didn't want to get baptized. Well, a MIRACLE happened. He came to Nancy's baptism. While there he felt the Spirit so strong, something that he hasn't felt in a LONG time. Well, he said, "Seeing Nancy be baptized, and knowing where she has been and where she is going has changed my perspective on who I am and what I can become. I guess my walls weren't as thick as I thought they were." We taught Bryan like crazy this week. HE IS PROGRESSING SO QUICKLY. His prayers are so sincere!! But what was even a bigger miracle was that he ACCEPTED TO BE BAPTIZED ON MARCH 1st!! WAHOOOOOO!!!! He said he is ready to change and leave his old life behind and get on the path that leads to true happiness. I am learning so much from him. HE CAME TO CHURCH ON SUNDAY WITH A WHITE SHIRT AND TIE!!! First time in 5 years!!!! MIRACLES HAPPEN!
Miracles. The Lord is guiding out footsteps and putting people like crazy in our paths. We have 17 new, solid people that we are teaching. They are incredible. We were led to a door, and behind that door was Margarita. She just moved here from Honduras and feels alone, scared and unhappy. We started to teach her the Gospel. We told her we would come back the next day to teach her more and she said that she would be there. Well, when we got there the next night, she was WAITING OUTSIDE IN THE COLD for us. She said, "I know what you are teaching is true. Because I have felt something I have never felt before in my life." The Spirit taught her. As we walked her through the lesson, she told us that she had been reading the Book of Mormon and felt such a happiness she hasn't felt in a while! MIRACLES!
ANA!!! Ana, is another one of our investigators from El Salvador, and this week she was praying to know if she should get baptized and she said she had SUCH A STRONG, POWERFUL feeling come over her that made all the hairs on her body stand straight up. SHE IS GETTING BAPTIZED ON THE 28 of FEBRUARY!!! She told us that she felt strongly that before she should get baptized, she should get married! AMAZING! She knew the Law of Chastity before we even taught it to her!
I love going on exchanges with the Hermanas. They are amazing and all the areas are on FIRE! Being a sister training leader has really opened my eyes to how much this work is truly hastening! The missionaries are amazing, the members are amazing and the people are prepared! What an exciting and precious time to be a missionary, member or investigators!
Miracles are happening. More and more people are becoming "new creatures in Christ." I am learning everyday, that the Gospel isn't about just doing and saying. It is actually much more than that. IT IS BECOMING. It is a daily, constant process that converts us more and more EVERYDAY. I hope that all of us will continually CONVERT ourselves to Jesus Christ and follow His every footstep---but not just do it, but BECOME it. So that, "when he comes, we shall be like Him." I love my Savior Jesus Christ more than anything in the world. He is my Shepard, Best Friend, and constant companion. He is my Light, and I want to stop at nothing to become exactly the woman that He needs me to be. I know He loves me and He loves you. And because of that, He has given you this life to BECOME. But we have the chance to choose......"eternal life, or eternal death", to BECOME or to just go through the motions. I invite you to let the Gospel of Jesus Christ penetrate your soul, your being, and become so much a PART of you that nothing can change it....not trials, not circumstance, not people, not things....become unshakable. BECOME. THIS IS YOUR TIME. "Today is the time of your probation...." use it wisely. Thanks for all your love, support and prayers. I am so happy for all of you and so proud of all the good you are doing. You are constantly in my heart, in my prayers and I LOVE YOU. But He loves you more :) Don't forget that. He has ALWAYS got your back.

Hermana Weenig
Helping Juan, a recent convert move!

Nancy and I. She is my hero, and I feel so blessed our roads crossed. She truly has come unto the Savior Jesus Christ. What a sight she was in white!

Hermana Dopp, Nancy and I. :)

Ana, one of our investigators who is planning to get baptized in a month!! WA HOOO! She came to one of the baptisms this weekend! Amazing!

View from our new apartment! At night, it looks like the forbidden forest off of Harry Potter :)