Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Nevertheless I Went Forth


I love being a missionary. What a week. Time is flying, and I honestly don't know what to do about it.

Words cannot describe this week. I feel like I was slapped in the face probably at least 100 times everyday, faced with things that I need to work on, weaknesses that I have that I need to work on. After conference, I felt like I just ran a marathon because I realized how much I need to work on to become the type of woman and the type of missionary that my Heavenly Father needs me to be. One thing that really stood out to me was the message of obedience and following the BASICS of the gospel. The Gospel really is that simple: we have the basics, and we are to follow those basics the absolute best way that we can, and then we will reap the rewards of our obedience.  But the trick is, is that we have to come unto Him, our Loving Heavenly Father, before we do anything else. We have to make our best effort to make sure that we are doing all we can to give our HEART, MIND, MIGHT and SOUL to Him, because once we do He will make much more out of our lives than we can on our own.  Life is crazy busy, but I challenge you to remember what is MOST important in life--and that is living the Gospel and thriving off of its simplicity.

Don't Cry for me........ARGENTINA!!!!! We met with the consulate finally today in Salt Lake City in the Joseph Smith Building! He approved me as a worthy VISA candidate, got my fingerprints and watched me sign the line for my VISA!!!! They said it will be here in 2 weeks to 2 months (average wait time), or possibly more! Apparently they only approve 5 visas a day, and missionaries are at the bottom of their stack, because they aren't going to be living there long. So we will see. I am sure that I will be in Argentina when the Lord needs me there. I have learned from this whole experience that the Lord's will is ALWAYS better than my will. I have felt a little bit like Nephi did when he was about to go into slay Laban. I feel like sometimes I have no idea what is happening with my VISA or whatever (because I have no control over it) but I HAVE to take that step into the dark to prove that I have faith enough to trust my Heavenly Father above. We have to "go forth, not knowing what to do." I am learning to walk by faith, and it is a little hard---because I want to control when I am going to Argentina. But I have to trust in the Lord and trust that He knows exactly what he is doing and trust that that is the greatest path for me. And He does. He does for all of us. It may not be the path we want or think we need....but He has got it all figured out. Apparently my mission (Cordoba) is DYING for missionaries down there...so hopefully it will be soon. But I will be incredibly sad to leave Utah, as I have learned to love the people here so much. 

Missionary work is WORK. And it is stressful at times, but it also brings the greatest joy that I have ever felt in my entire life! We have been doing a lot of tracting this week (in the rain and wind...my companions and I just smile and sing "Singing in the rain") and we have found a lot of new people to teach! We are so excited! But one of the most amazing miracles happened this week! I am so grateful for the power of the priesthood. So we were on exchanges (where we get a new companion for the day) and we had just switched and we had 15 minutes left. It was 8:45 and we had to be back in the apartment at 9:00 p.m. I had this really urgent and strong impression that we needed to run to one of the member in our branch's home (The Humes). So we ran, we got in the car and literally ran up the stairs. Strangely though, the Elders in the neighboring area where walking by just as we were running up to their home. As we got up to the front door of the Humes, the door swung open and we heard crying and screaming. Hermana Hume was bawling. Hermano Hume was in great pain and with a white face. I looked at my companion as we heard her say in Spanish "We are running to the ER he won't stop bleeding!!!!!!" She was crying and there was a sense of urgency and I didn't know what to do. All the sudden an idea raced into my head---"RUN. GO OUTSIDE AND GET THE ELDERS TO GIVE HIM A BLESSING." So, I ran. I didn't know where they were, but I found them and they ran up the stairs and quickly gave him a blessing. As they blessed him, the spirit rushed into the room. Hermana Hume calmed down, my heart stopped racing and the brother stood up with confidence on their way to the hospital. Hermano Hume, is now better and was able to get his problem under control. The power of the priesthood is amazing. I hope all the men in the world that are members of the church remember what an opportunity and what a blessing it is to have the priesthood. Use it well. and LIVE WORTHY FOR IT. We found out later that the Elders had a feeling too that they needed to be in the area at that exact point in time. Both of us had no idea why we were being led there, but "nevertheless we went forth" and we found a family who needed the power of the priesthood in their lives right at that moment. I also learned that when we following the simple but strong impressions from the Spirit we will be lead and guided and we will always be in the right place at the right time. I was so worried about their family, but I know they are under the good watch of God. 

I hope all of you got the chance to LISTEN to conference, and take all the things you thought you need to work on---and do it!! :) I promise you that the Lord will help your weakness become strengths....I have seen it over and over again in my life and I can't wait to get better. There is SO Much I need to work on, and I can't wait to get started...oh wait, where do I even start!?! haha. :)

Well, I hope this email finds you happy, healthy and loving your lives. Remember that you mean a LOT to your Heavenly Father. And He wants YOU back. Don't let Him down by not giving it your best shot ok? that is all He asks...is our best. And I am learning that more and more as a missionary. I am SO far from perfect, but as long as I am doing MY best to follow His commandments and striving to "feast" upon the gospel, He is ALWAYS there to do the rest. I know that as school comes to a close and as Finals at BYU are brewing, I hope you remember that your best and your strength is enough...WHEN you rely upon the Savior to do the rest. I hope that all of you know how much I love and pray for you every single day. I love you all so much. I pray that you find purpose in your lives and that you remember how much you mean to me. Even though the road ahead may seem dark, dreary and hard remember to rely upon him and give it your best. HE WILL GUIDE YOU EVERY SINGLE STEP OF THE WAY. I promise. we too can be like Nephi and say, "Nevertheless, I went forth." Take a jump into the dark, Why not? 


I love you all so much. Never forget that. Never give up. The work is moving forward. 


Your biggest fan,

Hermana Weenig

Argentina called missionaries on the way meet with the Consulate in SLC.

Our visit to Salt Lake City to meet with the Consulate.  I love to see the Temple!

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