Monday, April 28, 2014

Becoming NEW Again

I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. This week was incredible. My heart is still racing from how amazing it has been. It has been one of the most fulfilling, busiest, best weeks of the mission by FAR. Time is ZOOMING by and I can't seem to slow it down. Miracles are happening right and left and CHANGE is happening all over the place. It is incredible to see. One thing I am really learning on my mission is the power of forgiveness and repentance. How we, as imperfect people and sinners, can constantly be CHANGING and becoming a little better. Repentance is a change of perspective about ourselves, the world around us and God--as our LOVING Heavenly Father. Changes have been happening like crazy, and we are so excited for all the next miracles God has in store.
DANA GOT BAPTIZED AND CONFIRMED! SHE IS NOW A MEMBER OF THE CHURCH! WHAT AN INCREDIBLE BAPTISM!!! She was so excited this entire week! She was counting down the days, the hours and the minutes! The day of her baptism she invited us to come with her to invite all of her family and friends! WHAT A MIRACLE! We met a ton of new potential investigators through cute little Dana! She would just walk with us around the apartment complex and run up to a door and say, "This is my friends house...their whole family should come!" Then we would knock and she would cheerful invite them to come see her get baptized. It was the cutest thing I have ever seen. Her baptism was unreal. Dana's spirit was lifting the spirit of EVERYONE that came. there was a HUGE turn out at her baptism. Her family, who didn't come to her sister Nancy's baptism, came to see Dana get baptized! The Spirit in the room was SO thick. Many of her friends and family were there! We watched the restoration and her mom cried. Pati--her neighbor cried. Then we sang. Then Dana bore the most powerful testimony I have ever heard. She never cries, but she bawled. She said, "I am so grateful for my family. That they are here supporting me. I am so grateful and happy I got baptized, because now I can be everything I was meant to be." She continued to tell her story of how she always saw the missionaries coming to talk to Nancy, her sister, and always wanted to learn more and go out and preach with us. She said that from the moment we started teaching her, her life has completely changed. What a miracle! Dana is going to do incredible things. Her mom and her entire family were all crying---they felt the spirit SO STRONG! Dana's mom said that she is going to be baptized soon. WHAT!?!??! SO SO SO EXCITING! That entire family is going to be baptized! Miracles are happening. The children are being the examples to the parents, and it is quite amazing. In her confirmation, she was promised to be a full-time missionary and that ALL of her family would be baptized! WOAH!
Byron Leonardo and his soon-to-be-wife Olga Portillo came with us to the temple this week! It was incredible! Byron felt the Spirit so strong and we were even able to take him INSIDE the temple lobby. He said he had never felt so at peace and happy before in his life. After the tour of the visitor center and a powerful lesson on loving God, Byron said that he felt like he had become a NEW person. Wow. I believe it. It was powerful. The temple was beautiful, as usual, but there was something so sweet about Byron and Olga staring at the house of the Lord with awe. They made a goal to enter and be sealed in the temple May 10th of next year, which is exactly one year after Byron's baptism!! We ARE SOOOOOO EXCITED FOR THEM!
Ana Orellana's baptism was supposed to be this past Saturday. She came to see Dana get baptized, and she wants to do it too, but she is nervous about making such a strong commitment with God. She has been investigating the church for 3 years now, but is still terrified of being baptized. We had the most POWERFUL lesson ever with her on fear of man versus the fear of God. She has some things to work out before she gets baptized! But she is well on her way! :)
This week has been a week of music! Hermana Woodbury is a genius on the guitar and so we have been asked to sing and perform all over the ward for different events and such. It has opened up a TON of doors and a LOT of people are listening to the Gospel now because they first listened to the music. Amazing, right? Dana requested that we sang at her baptism--we sang "when I am baptized" in Spanish, we sang for a fireside for the entire Spanish program with some elders, and we have been singing to the investigators a lot. Hispanics LOVE music and it has been a BLAST being able to use music as a teaching tool. Also, I got to see a ton of my family from Old Town (my last area) and it was a joyful reunion to see all of them! Especially the recent converts still active and progressing in the Gospel. THIS IS THE BEST WORK EVER! I love them all! They are like family!!!! :) :)
Byron Castillo's birthday was this week, and they invited us to the "fiesta" with ALL of his non-member family! We met and taught a ton of people who are really curious and wanting to know more about the church! It was amazing! Byron is now 15 and hopefully going to get baptized this year! Miracles are happening in that home! The two daughters who were inactive are now reactivating and Hermana Castillo's sisters are starting to receive the missionary lessons! Couldn't be happier for their family! Byron is growing in the gospel, even if he is a little too "cool" for us. We are so happy to be teaching him and seeing the little improvements that he is making.
I think what made this week so incredible was the fact that everything we did was guided by the Spirit. The timing of everything was perfect. We have been going on a LOT of exchanges with the hermanas to help them in their areas and to help them accomplish all of their goals. It has been incredible to see that the Lord times things PERFECT. Just when someone was having a breakdown, or felt lonely, or was in distress, we were sent to comfort and help that person. The Spirit taught through us. God guided our EVERY MOVE. OVER and OVER again. It was incredible. I wish I could tell you all the things that happened this week because we acted on a prompting we were led to someone who was in desperate need. It was an out-of-body experience, and so powerful. But it is amazing to me that every single person that we were talking to, that the conversation always led to RELYING ON THE ATONEMENT. That is truly how I am getting to know my Savior Jesus Christ, through relying on His atonement and through giving all of my weakness to Him. And seeing all these people turning to Christ and seeing how happy they are when they do so, is the most fulfilling thing EVER.
Thanks for all you do for me. I don't know if thanks will ever be enough. But I am so grateful for your influences and your love and support in my life. You are always in my prayers and in my heart. Rely on the atonement daily and that will help you to....
Hermana Weenig

Spring Time!  Beautiful!!
 Bringing souls unto Christ. Best work ever.

Temple trip with Byron Leonardo and Olga Portillo. They loved it! They set a goal to get married in the temple a year from May 10th (Byron's baptism)

The beautiful temple. Ah, its gorgeous. Can't wait to see this family get sealed someday!

Dana's baptism! Her family came to support her! It was amazing! The first time they have ever set foot in the church!! :) They are all going to get baptized soon! Dana's neighbor, another investigator, Pati, came too!

 Nancy, Dana and I! We were SO excited for her.

I love Dana Pineda!

 Dana and Hermano Delafuente, our ward mission leader.

 Rebecca and I. She is the cutest little Mexican girl in our ward. She was so excited for Dana. She promised us missionaries she would never miss a day of church. Precious.
Byron Castillo's birthday was this week! He is one of our awesome investigators! We sang a birthday song to him, he loved it. Happy birthday Byroncito!
Lucy Santa Cruz, one of our investigators from Mexico, with her YuGiOh card collection. Awesome, right? 

Last preparation day on the banks of the Potomac River. :) beauty.


Monday, April 21, 2014


I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. This week has been BUSY, and it flew by like a dream! We went on two exchanges this week, are preparing Ana and Dana for their baptisms this coming weekend, and were busy doing things for the ward and our investigators for Easter. I am learning an incredible concept on the mission. When we think that we can't go any farther, God carries us. Sometimes in life we have got tons to do, and at time it may seem like a lot. But, when we put God first He gives us the strength to continue pressing forward---He makes us STRONGER to carries our LOADS...but He doesn't just take the LOAD from us. Because our loads (the good, the bad, the amazing, the worst) is what makes us who we are, and shapes us into the people that we are supposed to become. Let Christ make you strong---He will help you carry your backpack up the mountain, and when you get to the top--WOW--you will realize what an incredible being you have become.

So....Dana's parents are Catholic, always have been and it is a family tradition. Well, Dana wants to be baptized more than ANYTHING in the world. Last week, when we asked her parents if she could receive permission to be baptized, they said, "ABSOLUTELY NOT." They told us that she could make the decision to be baptized when she reaches the age of 18. Well, Dana is 11. So, that was a long ways away. We prayed. Dana prayed. Nancy prayed. PRAYER WORKS. We prayed that Heavenly Father would soften the heart of Dana's parents so that she can get baptized on the 26 of April. Well, on Tuesday, I was on an exchange with one of my prior companions (Hermana Sorensen, who is amazing) and we received a message from Nancy. "OUR PARENTS ALL THE SUDDEN CHANGED THEIR MINDS! DANA IS GETTIN' BAPTIZED!!!!" We were screaming and jumping up and down we were so excited! What a miracle! What is even more, is that her parents said that they are going to come to her baptism and see her get baptized! I have no doubt that their entire family will be baptized soon enough. WHAT A MIRACLE! Dana is loving the Gospel, and she is getting really involved with the ward, and making a ton of friends there. She soaks everything we teach her up like a sponge. She says the thing that scares her most about getting baptized is, "getting dunked." She is so cute. For Easter, we used the candy and Easter eggs (thanks mom, you are awesome!) to do an Easter egg hunt with Dana. She loved it!!! We couldn't be more excited to see her progressing so much and just drinking up the Gospel. She is going to be a huge difference maker in the church, particularly in the young women's.

PROMISED BLESSINGS HAPPEN! Remember last week, how I was talking about Byron and the incredible lesson we had with him and president Burton? Well, President Burton promised him if he started living a certain commandment that the Lord would help his immigration papers pass before May 10 (his baptism). Well, guess what?!?! Just the other day we went over to teach him, and the first thing that they told us with gigantic smiles on their faces was, "BYRON RECEIVED HIS IMMIGRATION PAPERS FOR MAY 5!!!!" Miracle. It just goes to show that when we are keeping the commandments, that the Lord will bless us and we will see miracles in our own lives. Byron also is LOVING the Gospel Library App on his own iPad. He studies the lessons and reads like crazy. Well, when we went over to teach him about tithing, he already knew the entire lesson and MORE. Miracles.

Exchanges. Wow. These missionaries are incredible! Being able to work with and serve these hermanas is changing my life---especially my perspective on life. Just seeing these incredible girls---learning of their own conversion stories, seeing the battles that they have had to face, and then to see them on a mission---working hard and giving it all to the Lord. It is INCREDIBLE. Everyone has a story. And I love hearing about how they have used the Atonement to conquer ugly monsters, and just seeing how incredible it is that they have come out on top. Learning of their stories and seeing them in action is inspiring. We had the opportunity to go on 2 exchanges this week, and it was exhausting, but a spiritual feast. I consider them to be MY trainers...because I am learning so much more from them then they are from me. I am so grateful for each of them. Exchanges are truly Holy Ground and sacred and we learn so much about ourselves and how we can be closer to God and what things we need to change to allow us to be better.

I had the opportunity to go on an exchange with one of the hermanas in Sudley. This area has been struggling a little, and so we were praying for miracles to happen on the exchange where we could find new people for them to teach and kick-start member work. It has been incredible to see the power of prayer. God truly does hear our prayers and wants us to succeed in the things that we are doing, and so it was. We prayed. Doors opened, people were prepared and we taught 4 lessons with a member present in one night! It was incredible! God can do the impossible. And with Him, the word "impossible" changes from a fact, to just an opinion.

One of our inactive that we are working with has been struggling with an eating disorder. She is finally starting to rely on the atonement and let His grace make up for the things she can't change herself. It is a valuable lesson to learn that when we can't do it, or when we can't go on that God can make us whole and turn us into a successful masterpiece. My favorite part about this marvelous work is seeing the change in the lives of these people. Seeing them start to rely on the Savior Jesus Christ and allowing him to carry their burdens.

THIS WARD IS ON FIRE! The members are PUMPED-UP about missionary work and are working like crazy with us to bring souls unto Christ. This week, we have been working with a lot of members we haven't used before, and it has been a true miracle! When members and missionaries work together---the work and progression of this Kingdom is UNSTOPPABLE.  I LOVE THIS WARD. They are like family, truly.

Bryan Huarita, who was recently baptized, is prepping to go on a mission! WAHOOO! In prep, we are having him teach US all of the missionary discussions. He is tearing it up, and is going to be an incredible missionary.

OTHER BIGGEST MIRACLE OF THE WEEK: 7 people came to church this week!!! WHAT A MIRACLE. Seriously. I can't even believe it. God is incredible. 3 of the people that came are 3 GOLDEN new investigators that found the church through looking it up online! What a miracle! One of them, Sandra, from Bolivia, said she went to the church in Bolivia and loved it. We started teaching her this week and it was probably one of the most incredible experiences that I have ever had on my mission. Sandra is ELECT, and she will be baptized soon. It is amazing to see how the work is hastening in every aspect.

For Easter Sunday, the ward asked us to perform a song. We arranged a mash-up of "Beautiful Savior" and "Where can I turn for peace". The ward said they loved it! It was really fun to translate and work with my musical genius companion to come up with something extra special.

Easter was beautiful. I love the Savior Jesus Christ and to celebrate that we can have a renewed life through Him is the most important thing we can learn in this life. USE THE ATONEMENT DAILY. It makes you strong, helps you overcome weakness and makes all that is hard and unjust, right again. I am so eternally grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ and that He constantly walks by us, guiding us and strengthening us. Because He lived and died and lived again. I can re-start again. and again. and again if necessary. And so can you. :)

Miracles are happening right and left and there is so much work to be done! I love it so much here and I am so grateful for all your love, support, letters, emails and everything. You all are incredible.

Hermana Weenig
We missionaries preach with AMOR. :)
Hermana Woodbury, Dana and I on Easter afternoon

Dana and I. This was yesterday for the Easter Eggs hunt! She found all of the eggs! It was the first Easter egg hunt of her life :)

ROSCO! Nancy and Dana's crazy dog! She helped Dana find all the Easter eggs! Nice.
Selfie with my amazing companion, Hermana Woodbury

Industrialism...saw this walking down the Washington DC mall.

We went to the national art museum and saw pieces of art from Leonardo DaVinci, Van Gogh, Monet, Picasso. WOW. It was incredible! I feel cultured!
Cherry Blossoms by the Potomac river in Washington DC! What a beaut!

There were so many people there! But it was gorgeous to see!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Fill the Fonts

I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY! It is literally the greatest thing in all the world! It really is the dream life, and I am learning so much from the people, my wonderful companion, the other missionaries we serve and lead, and everyone. Miracles are happening, and this may have been the BEST WEEK of my entire mission. The work is hastening, the members are catching the vision of working with us together and the investigators are being touched by the spirit of the Lord. We are so busy and so happy---working really hard. I love this work.
MIRACLES. God is so incredible, and His hand has been in the lives of SO many of our investigators this week. This week we put FOUR people on date for baptism in this next month---ALL IN THE SAME DAY! HUGE MIRACLE!! The cool part about it all is that they are all solid. God has touched their hearts and they want to change and follow God. Can I tell you about them?
Dana Pineda is preparing to baptized on April 26!!!! YES! She is soaking things up like a sponge. She is 11, so we needed permission from the mom and dad. They were a little skeptical at first, but after we explained it to them, they were supportive. Dana has been asking and begging us to be baptized. She is literally the most angelic person that I have had the opportunity to teach. She reads everyday, she prays and she is growing in her faith. Listening to her teach us the plan of salvation after we had taught her, brought us both to tears.
Byron Leonardo is getting baptized on May 10th!! YES!! FINALLY! We had a huge miracle with him this week. President Burton, who is over the Spanish-speaking missionaries came out to a lesson with us and Byron. It was the most powerful lesson I have ever participated in in the mission! They went from declaring that they are married (which they aren't) to saying that they are just boyfriend and girlfriend! THIS IS A HUGE STEP on his way to baptism! President Burton promised him that he would be a huge leader in the church! AMAZING.
Lucy Santa Cruz is on date for May 10. She is SEARCHING for truth and there have been some sacred experiences with her this week. She was really hardened at first, but we are beginning to see, first hand, the atonement working in her life. She is changing and when she prays I just want to sing. Her prayers sounds like she is talking to God right in the room with her. It is incredible.
Ana Orellana is on date for April 26!!!!!!!! FINALLY!!!!! She has been coming to church for 3 years, and she FINALLY says that she is ready to be baptized. God softened her heart so much, and we are finally meeting with her regularly because she has made room in her schedule and she is making so many changes to be ready for baptism. We are working hard to resolve some doubts that she still has. But she is changing so much and she loves learning about the Gospel and said she is finally, "ready to change" and take on Christ's name.
MIRACLES. REFERRALS. Woah. This ward is on fire. The Maldonado family is sharing the Gospel everywhere they go and we received a few referrals from them. Nancy continues to share the Gospel with all her friends and family and we are teaching them. It is amazing to see all these people sharing the love of the Gospel with all of their friends and family and truly seeking to bring others unto Jesus Christ. It truly has been an amazing experience to see all of the members working hard. Nothing makes someone as happy as sharing the Gospel does. So, if you are feeling down, write a letter, call up a friend or someone that could really use an uplifting thought. Its amazing how good you feel after. :)
MIRACLES. We are finding a TON of less-actives in this area! The bishop really wants to find them and help them see how happy their lives could be with the Gospel. They are such amazing people, but have let their Spiritual lives go because of work, or they are too involved with the things of this world, or because they don't feel the importance of church. I have been doing a lot of reflection about our lives and the priorities that we choose to set. God gave us our agency to choose to fill our lives with good, inspiring and uplifting things---but sometimes we choose to fill our lives with things that have no benefit to us at all. iPads, iPhones, TV, music, the internet--all those things are good things. But are we using them to get closer to God? Are we using them to learn of him and become more like Him? We go to church each week, because it is our RESTART button. It clears our slate again, and gives us a time to reflect on where our priorities are. It has been amazing to teach and talk to those people that have forgotten, and to see them again in church with the smile on their face. This gospel is a gospel of change and of constant progression towards something greater.
I LOVE THE BOOK OF MORMON. If you aren't reading it like it. :) It is the fountain of happiness, peace and feeling the love of God.
Funny story. We were teaching this lady from Guatemala.  As we were teaching about prophets and how God is the same today, yesterday and thus He will send us more prophets. She pulled out her Bible and started yelling at us telling us that we were in fact "false prophets." We sat there and listened to her with love and then explained that we were not prophets, but were called by a prophet to come teach her about how God still speaks and guides man. She felt the Spirit. Her heart changed. She prayed to know if Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. Wow. We are teaching her.
I love this work, and I love you. Thanks so much for all your support, love, letters, emails and everything. I hope you know that all of you are in my  prayers and heart.
Hermana Weenig
I got a surprise yesterday! Reina Reyes and her daughter, two that I taught in Old Town who were baptized while I was there, came to our ward to say hi. I was crying so much! It was so amazing to see her....and totally active and working in the church! She is amazing!

With Karen Reyes! I was so happy to see them there! They are truly converted to the gospel! What a wonderful week.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Spiritual Feast. Yum!

I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. This week was SO busy and SO amazing and seriously feel like I am scarfing down a Spiritual feast! We had meetings and we all learned so much as we tried to listen and learn from the Spirit.  What if I told you that you could receive divine guidance and council and receive the answers to even the deepest questions that you have through listening to a man speak? Well, NEWS FLASH--it happens, and it happened this weekend through General Conference. And MIRACLES happened. My companion, Hermana Woodbury, and I saw miracles in the lives of our investigators and in our own lives thanks to the incredible council that we received in General Conference and other meetings we participated in. Seeing conference was a little taste of home, and oh, how the council of those men and women is so wise and profound. I hope you all enjoyed it and are trying to apply its teachings in your own life. :)
Miracles of the prepared and the elect. God has promised us that if we will prepare ourselves in the morning, concentrating our efforts in the needs of the investigators and helping them to fight their battles and achieve eternal life, that God will put prepared people in our pathway. "God puts prepared people in the path of His prepared servants." This week, that promise rang true, as it has in the past. Using our Book of Mormon challenge of giving out an ENTIRE box in a day, we found 2 golden investigators! This week we went back to see Eda. She welcomed us warmly and with a smile (which is often unusual) and we came in an sat down. There on her couch was the Book of Mormon. She had been reading it. We asked her how she had had the opportunity to read the Book of Mormon. She said, "YES!" And then she began to tell us that she felt something so amazing as she read the Book and that she didn't read much, but she knew that it was from God. WOW!! We were there with our mouths hanging open! Amazing! And then she began to tell us more. "I am a Seventh-Day Adventist, and when people knock on my door, I NEVER let them in because I have already found God. But when you two girls knocked on my door, I felt something I never have before and I wanted to hear what you had to say. There is something different about you." WOW. Can you believe that? MIRACLES. As missionaries we represent the Savior, and that gave us the opportunity to tell her about the restoration, why we are here as missionaries and how the Gospel can bless and change her life. She said---"come back and tell me more." WOW. She is GOLDEN, and one of the Elect. God's hand is in the life of every single person that we meet and teach and it is incredible to see.
MIRACLE. It never ceases to amaze me, no matter how many times we teach the restoration, how STRONG the Spirit is during Joseph Smith's first vision. We teach the restoration on average, around 35 times a week. But this week, we had some pretty incredible lessons with people who have been prepared from God. Patricia. She is a woman that was really hard in heart when we first met her. We started to serve her and taught her kids about being Children of God. She started to soften. Well, for the first time, this week she allowed us to teach her. She gave us her full undivided attention. The Spirit was so thick in that room, it was amazing. As we related the words of Joseph Smith to her, her eyes started to swell with tears. As we finished we asked her what she was feeling. She said, "This peaceful, swelling feeling. I know that what you just said was from God." WOW. She felt the Spirit so strong and now wants to learn more so we can teach her entire family! MIRACLES.
I had the opportunity to present at Spanish Forum, for all the Spanish missionaries, about becoming passionate and effective missionaries. Although I felt very unqualified to speak, it was  an incredible experience. Because these past couple weeks have been crazy, I didn't have much time to prepare, but the Lord carried me. I learned from that experience that God will always put the words in our mouth that we need to say if we are prepared, and He will allow us to be powerful instruments in His hands and never leave us alone. Spanish Forum was filled with new ideas and ways that we can connect with the Spanish culture, and how we will utilize the World Cup that is coming up in June. Our ward missionary leader, Hno. Delafuente, spoke (p.s. he was a professional soccer player in Bolivia) and compared missionary work to selling tickets to get on a boat, and into the promised land! I loved that! We want EVERYONE to be there is no time to waste.
Marlene and Stephanie are progressing, and I know that they will be baptized someday soon. We took a member with us over to the lesson and it was powerful! The member didn't know Marlene, yet was able to tell a personal experience that was exactly what Marlene has been struggling with. MIRACLE. WORKING WITH THE MEMBERS IS THE KEY TO THIS WORK! It is the ONLY powerful, and sure way to help bring CONVERTS. :)
Dana, Nancy's little sister, is ON FIRE! She will be baptized this month!! :) She wants to be baptized SO bad, and now it is just a matter if getting the mom on board. She has read and prayed every day for the past couple of weeks! She is so awesome! Miracles are happening in that home! We are teaching the entire family---the grandma, the mom, Dana and everyone. We are so excited for all the changes that they are making.
We also had president interviews this week and mission leadership council. We received such inspired council and direction on how we can help this mission flourish and how we can inspire and motivate all the missionaries that we serve with to reach their FULL potential. I love serving the hermanas as a sister training leader, but I learn so much from them. It has been really amazing to see how the sisters have taken the goals that we have set together and our changing the way that they work and the attitudes that they have about the work. CHANGE IS THE BEST PART ABOUT THE GOSPEL! And thanks to the Atonement, we can do incredible things. Our theme for this quarter is "Stepping on to the Mount", it is all centered around the sacrifice of Abraham and how we, as missionaries and consecrated people of the Lord, must sacrifice our "favorite sins" to become more like Christ. Just like a mountain is a uphill battle, so is battling the natural man. But if we constantly are seeking the will of the Lord, we will come out on top!
GENERAL CONFERENCE WAS INCREDIBLE! And we saw miracles right and left that came from it. It seemed like every single talk was directed at one of our investigators, and moved them to tears. They needed those talks and that inspiration, just like I did. WE HAD SEVEN INVESTIGATORS at church to watch conference! What a miracle! We also had a cool experience! Right during the last session, 3 woman walked in from Bolivia. They had looked the church up online and want to know more! MIRACLE! We are going to teach them this week! The work is hastening like CRAZY! AMAZING how God is using the internet and other mediums to bring people to church.
We had a lesson with Ana, who is going to be baptized later this month, and we were talking about how sin is like cockroaches in ice cream. And without thinking I said, "This life is a time to defeat and demolish all of the cockroaches in our lives." haha it is funny, but it is also true. :)
Anyways, I wish I had more time to tell you all the incredible things that happened this week! We are just working hard and wearing out our lives happily in doing the Lord's work. It has been amazing. Every second of it. The hard, the happy, the good, the bad. I love this work....and there is so much of it to be done. If you have the missionary tag or not, there is SO many out there who need your smiling face and a word of cheer. I challenge all of you to pray daily to recognize the spirit and know who God wants you to help everyday. Because if you are prepared and you seek for those opportunities. He will give them to you! It is incredible.

Hermana Weenig

 Nancy made us a delicious meal when we taught her family the other night! She is a gem!
Last preparation day we went to George Washington's masonic temple. It was fascinating to learn about the Masons. Surprisingly, there were a lot of connections to our faith. Really cool!

Giant statue of George Washington, the Mason.

On top of the Masonic temple! What a sight to see all of Washington DC. :)