Monday, March 31, 2014

Find When You Teach, Teach When You Find

I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. This week has been a week of miracles and a lot of cool experiences where the Lord truly led us and brought us to the people and the places that we were supposed to be at right exactly when we were supposed to be there. Our mission is focusing on talking to EVERY person that God puts in our path, and we are seeing immense amount of miracles coming because of it---we are calling it "accept or reject". We are focusing on getting the people here in the mission to learn about the restoration in a way that applies to them, it a short, but powerful way and then inviting them to learn more. It has been really fun to see all of people that are literally searching for the Gospel, and that God seems to plop us right in their path as they need it. WEEK OF MIRACLES!

We gave out a whole box of Book of Mormons in a day this week! It was a feat indeed! And we felt super epic because it was raining and we were still able to do it! Wet and muddy....but SMILING! So fun! So many cool things happened because of prepared people being put in our path. We were going to check on Patricia, who is one of our investigators, and when we arrived there were 9 men watching the Barcelona, Spain game. As we walked in, we knew that we were supposed to teach them about the Book of Mormon. We ran out to the car and we grabbed 9 Book of Mormons. It was awesome! We gave them each a Book of Mormon and committed them to reading it! Although they were a little bit distracted by the game, they loved it! They said that they are searching for their place in this world and wanted more guidance. It was literally such a cool experience to teach so many people just how the Book of Mormon can be and is a map for our lives if we let it guide our every footstep. I love having a Book of Mormon feast everyday, and then go tell everyone about the book that has CHANGED my life. It really is the most true book there is, and a person can get closer to Christ than to any other book that there is. WE HAVE BEEN WORKING SO HARD! Harder than ever before and it has been so cool to see.

MIRACLE! Byran Huarita was confirmed this week in church! What a miracle! The amazing part about Bryan is that he is already starting to share the Gospel with all of his friends. One of his friends, Lucy, is learning with us now. It is absolutely incredible! She saw the change in Bryan and now she wants to make a change in her life. She has been coming to the church activities and everything this week, and so we are really excited to see her progressing in so many ways.

THE BOOK OF MORMON COMBINED WITH THE SPIRIT IS THE MOST POWERFUL TOOL THAT WE HAVE AS MISSIONARIES. This week we have been challenging all of our investigators to read the Book of Mormon before the end of April!!! We are extending that commitment to everyone reading this email too! :) We have like 5 people doing it! and it has been so much fun to see how the converting power of the Book of Mormon is really taking place! I love the Book of Mormon so much and I am so filled with happiness whenever I read that Book. It really truly is the guide to all hope and happiness.

The Lord has lead us to three different FAMILIES! MIRACLE!! We will be going to a lesson and walking and then all the sudden: BAM! A service taking out the trash, carrying groceries, someone drops all of their stuff. And then we are able to help them and then able to teach their entire family! What a miracle and how amazing it is to see that the Lord really is providing ways so that we can find the elect. :) I can't help but smile HUGE whenever we are out knocking doors, serving members and teaching these incredible people. THIS IS THE DREAM LIFE AND I LOVE IT SO MUCH!

I love working with the sisters on exchanges. This week I had the opportunity to work with Hermana Felt. It was so inspired for the two of us and I just learned so much from her beaming, happy example. She is absolutely amazing, and it was one of the most divinely inspired exchanges that I have ever had the opportunity to be a part of. The Spirit really guided us both to learn about how we can both be more effective people and missionaries.

We taught Nancy's family yesterday. HUGE MIRACLES are happening in that house. The grandma who would never talk to us before now ran up to us and gave us the biggest hug. The mom's heart is softening through service and love. Dana is learning the Gospel and is READING AND PRAYING EVERYDAY! She is going to get baptized this month, and we are so excited. We taught her the plan of salvation, and she was in shock. The Spirit was so strong and she said that it made her feel so happy in life to know who she is and where she is going. AMAZING. the Gospel truly does soften hearts.

Tons of people are coming to church every week and are coming to the church to be taught as well! BYRON IS SO SOLID! Once his papers are in, he will be baptized! YES! :) so amazing!  My new companion is wonderful and we love working hard and seeing the great change in people. It has been really busy and a little stressful but IT IS THE BEST WORK EVER!

We are busy this week as we have been asked to prepare presentations for Mission Leadership Council and the Spanish Forum in order to inspire and help other missionaries become all that they can and reach their potential. It will be quite the busy week, BUT I AM SOOOOO EXCITED!

Thanks so much for all your support, love, and letters, emails and prayers. I love you all so much. And am learning that we can all be like Nephi. Even though we might not understand everything that is happening to us, we need to continue in faith, and then we will be given success. God loves us, and that really is all that matters. If we live our lives to show Him we love Him back, life will be happy.

Hermana Weenig
Exchanges with Hermana Felt. Shulamy Figeroa and Nancy came out with us to find the ELECT! What an amazing day!
I ran into this glass wall when we were out tracting an apartment was pretty funny.
 I love this place!

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