Thursday, January 31, 2013

Bye, Bye BYU, library and homework.

This is Brooke. Pre-mission. I have just gone to school for 2 straight years, year-round, and boy can I tell you that I am soooo glad to be having a bit of a break. I am going to be missing a lot of things when I am gone for 18 months, but I can tell you one thing. I will not miss the library and homework. Not even a little bit. Today was my last day on campus--kind of nostalgic, but eeire at the same time. One big bonus of not being a student here anymore is that I get to park in visitor's parking. BOO YA. It's like the time when I wanted a life-size barbie and finally got it. But here is my ode to you BYU---Hasta la vista! I will see you again in 18 months, pounding out the last two semesters that I have before graduation. Bring it on!!!

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  1. Creo que Dios me sigue bendiciendo, dandome el privilegio de conocer a un ser humano tan fuerte y hermoso como tu sister Weenig, There are so much that we are learning from you and the most important is be strong and stand, and there are so many challengers in life, but we have our Father in Heaven that will take care of us, Love you so much and thank you for being part of my NAroe Palacios and myself Giovanna Cruz Fritsch